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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

A new Fiesta Mk1 Project

Here is my Mk1 Fiesta from the start. I used to own a cossie powered Anglia, but I'm a student now so the Fiesta is a far more realistic project, and I've got some big plans for this little hatchback.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Here are some pics of the engine im building at the mo.

Image Image Image Image

Oh and whilst i'm at it, here are the speaker builds soon to be covered in vinyl.

Image Image

Concept Sketches

The car is now off the road and im in the process of fitting MC rally arches and front splitter. So the wheel are up for sale (they are 175/50 yokes, and were a nightmare to fit), to make way for wider ones. I'm still undecided, im really tempted buy some fat split rims.

This is the concept, but i'm probably not going to paint it beige.

Image Image

This is a sketch without the big wheels and arches.


I thought I would show the seats going in the Fiesta, they finish off the national hotrod feel of the car.


Stripping out the Fiesta engine bay

The old engine is now dead and gone, and I'm now gutting the bay ready for preping and painting, making way for the new lump. Here is a pic of the hole in the old block.


I still have to weld the five speed kit in.


Here is another pic of the seats


I also have matching feet rests and battery tray.


Here is the rear cage with the new diagonal


This is it being mocked up in the car


I intend on recessing this letterbox exhaust up into the chassis rail?

Image Image Image Image

Mocking up the seats

Here are the seats mocked up in the car (without the 'penetrator' fitted) in the process of cutting up the foot plates for the cage, just need to drill them and weld them in, then the cage is off to be powdercoated.

Image Image Image

The engine head is back

I've got the head back, and even though its still leaded, I think I might just have to run with it. Look at the size of the valves! It just needs paint stripping and re-painting to match the block, oh and a set of roller rockers!

Image Image Image

Engine block degreasing

I'm going to match the ports to the manifolds. Today I stripped the head and degreased the block, ready to send it off to get it bored but im still undesided whether or not to go 1700 route. ive heard that this is too much for a front wheel drive block???

Ford Cosworth 8v Cam Cover

Quick Update

Quick update, i have made some front grills now and in metal fab ive also cut some plates to weld in below each foot on my cage. ive also made the plate for strengthening the bulkhead behind the servo.

Seat modifications

ive welded up the seat brackets and i need to grind down the welds and powdercoat them. I have managed to use the original recaro runners so i can still move the possitioning back.

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