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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson


Here are my harnesses i bought out in america. started my new job the other day so havnt got the time at the moment, however when the money starts to roll in im going to pull my finger out and get it running.

G-Force racing gear harnesses

New runaround

just thought i would show you my new run about. i bought it of Peter on Oldskoolford. well happy with the car. its a minter with 60,000 on the clock full service history and all the old mots. it looks the part too. :D :D i will be taking it to ford fair so keep an eye out for me.


Polished alleycats

I now know why lepsoms charge £52 a wheel ive made a start on hand flat polishing the alley cats. sh!t me its hard graft. I've painted the rims orange to match the vinyl, and polished the rim and face. this is the first finished wheel i have a feeling that by the last one i probably wont bother. im yet to get a mop head on it to give them a final buff, but im quite pleased with the results so far.

Image Image Image Image Image


The spots have gone. I think it looks much better without.

spotlights removed from a Mk1 Fiesta

X-Flow owner

I have had a week off to crack on with the beige car. I now own Lambs xflow, which is a 1700 high comp stage 3 engine on 40's, in very good nick. I have painted it a very fetching shade of orange, to match the wheels and cage. I've also bought lots of polished and new auxiliaries to be bolted when properly dry. as for the shell i have welded all the plates in for the feet of the roll cage and other bits. i have yet to do the 5 speed conversion.

Image Image


I have made up my Ford racing vinyl strips to match the orange of the wheels:

Ford Fiesta racing stripes Ford racing decals on a Fiesta

I've also finished flat polishing all the straight wheels, however i cant get tyres until February. I have to wait for Continental to make another Batch of 195/45/13's.

Polished Alleycat Ford rims

Ford Racing Gauge

This came through the post today. and im well chuffed. ive just got to get the rest of the Ford Racing collection.

Ford Racing RPM Gauge

Parts clean up

A quick update, thought i would make a start on cleaning up and painting some bits and bobs, ready for when i throw it all back together.

Fiesta tiebars

ive started stitch welding the shell, the seam sealer is a right pain in the butt to remove though. and ive foung a little patch of rust which was missed when the wings were put on so im going to cut it out and deal with that now

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