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Michael Johnson

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Who said I hadnt started the arches?


Rollcage Paint

This weekend ive managed to strip prep and paint the cage. using the washing line (girlfriend was not impressed).

painting Mk1 fiesta rollcage Fiesta roll cage Respraying fiesta roll cage orange Mk1 Ford Fiesta Rollcage

Oh and ive been polishing bits on the engine again

Ford Cosworth 8 valve cover X-Flow engine refurbished


Quick update, and some questions, I i had Williamson over to help me out so big thanks to him. We finished off bolting the engine together (just the exhaust to do now). Image

We also mounted the servo however im not sure if the pedal box is right?


When its all bolted up the linkage has pushed the master cylinder in a bit and the pedal will not travel all the way to the floor, it doesnt feel right at the moment, we tried a mk2 xr2 pedal box first which has the link bar mounted further down the pedal, this did fit so ive put the original mk1 pedal box on (link pivot further up the pedal) which is better but still not right . I believe the servo if from an early mk2, but im not 100% sure (Lambs blue mk2) any help would be appreciated.


We also took the hole saw to the shell.

Image Image

I've also got an issue with the gearbox and linkage. could someone confirm what box it is from the pics and also whether the linkage ive got will work with it.

Image Image Image Image

This box is beieved to be an rs turbo item which came out of a mk1 race car. it looks like its had a really hard life tho. it has got an LSD in it but we were dibating whether it has any gears left. The input shaft doesnt feel too bad and it selects all the gears, but the back of the box has ribs in the casting missing and a dent were what can only be a drive shaft has snapped and smashed into it. Also the starter motor mount has been re-welded on which again is a bit worrying.

Image Image

Should i run mk2 xr2 one piece drive shafts? because i have two pairs of the mk1 split jobbies. Oh and my gauge collection is growing......"check out my cheap chavvy ripspeed monster tacho".


Radiator, Hoses and arch tubing

Quick update, had a few days off work to crack on with the car. The radiator and hoses are now sorted and ive made up some nice brackets for mounting the rad on the front crossmember.

Image Image

I've also carried on with the rear arches and have made some progress with tubing the inner arches to the outer skins. im not 100% pleased with it so far im going to spend some time tomorrow tidying it up a bit at least its covered up with the kit.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

I've also fitted my extra stock car stylie brake lights. I'm not sure what the law is but i should imagine that extra rear lights need to be sealed to the rear window to prevent light being emitted inside the car. I can see these reflecting off my rear screen and illuminating my interior badly, so im going to take the lenses off and tint them black.

Image Image

Painted bits

Heres what i got done over the weekend, I couldnt get a pic of the rad. but i sort it later.

Interior paint and wing rust repair

Quick update from the weekend. ive been removing un nessassary tabs and brackets inside the car, fillering and flating down and finally painting bits in the interior, ready for the dash and cage to go back in. It was sooo sunny, the car looks white.

Fiesta welded in Rollcage plates Mk1 Fiesta rear strut tower Image Image

I also covered up some of the rust showing through on the blue car. i have got two replacement wings however I'm using the car still everyday for work and haven't got the time to weld em on at the mo, because im taking this one to FITP i wanted to cover up some of the scabby bits which have appeared over the winter. paints not the best match but its miles better than rusty patch...

Image Mk1 Fiesta front wing rust Ford Fiesta wing repair Image

Driveshafts and Cage

I went racing today at avon park. Got back about 5 and managed to crack on with some of the little jobs. Re-greased and tied up the driveshafts, and replaced the front bearings in the hubs.

Image Image

I also mounted my chavy cheap ripspeed monster tacho


I've started fitting the cage back in.


Oh and ive got my NOS bottle sorted


More Mk1 Fiesta Pictures

Some more piccys of todays hard work on the Fiesta

Mk1 Fiesta dashboard with Ford racing tacho Racing steering wheel fitted to a retro ford fiesta Mk1 Fiesta boot floor panel Race spec classic ford fiesta interior

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