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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

Bonnet Louvres

I've added some bonnet louvres.

Fiesta bonnet louvres bonnet vents on a Mk1 Fiesta

Gearbox clearance

I'm still not too sure what to do about the clearance issue and my gear box. I believe it's where I've removed the spacers from the cradle and raised it up, because im sure the hole is in the correct space.

Mk1 Fiesta gearbox cut out

Brake lines

Ok here are the pics of the awful braided fuel lines, they now have been removed.

Image Image

Here is the bracket for the twin cable set up.


Are you thinking what williamson and i are thinking?


123 Electronic Ignition arrives

This turned up in the post today. looks like its going to do the job. It's the 123 electronic ignition system that everyone is raving about. Two wires to fit it, and its got 16 pre programmed advanced curves to choose from. I'm waiting for the coil to turn up then i can install it all and put some jungle juice in it and fire it up.

123 electronic ignition system 123ignition electronic ignition for classic cars.

Bought it off a bloke called John Best who is the bloke importing these and modifying them to fit xflows and pintos. He also does his own cheaper Bestek kit which is a modified bosch dizzy with an external amplifier (programmed to one advance curve to suit your engine). I've got this fitted to my blue car and its the best thing ive bought so far.

Breather take-off fitting

Little update. I managed to drill and tap the rocker cover for the breather take off.

Drilling and tapping a Cosworth rocket cover Fitting a breather take off to a Crossflow Cosworth 8v rocker cover

Throttle cable bracket

I went around to Williamsons workshop yesterday and borrowed his welder, so i can now fit my double throttle cable.

Image Image

I've also found that my alternator sits too far forward to fit the rad. so i need to hunt down a smaller fan belt to pull it closer to the block.


I've also run all the fuel lines now:


Anti-Roll Bar Fitting

Just been sorting bits and bobs out this evening, finally managed to fit the ARB:

Mk1 Ford Fiesta adjustable panhard rod Mk1 Fiesta rear anti-roll bar

Supercharger offered up

I've borrowed my mates supercharger and it looks like a new plan is formulating.

Supercharged beige Mk1 Fiesta

New mirrors are also here

Englemann mirrors for Mk1 Ford Fiesta

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