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Michael Johnson

Author: Michael Johnson | Photographer: Michael Johnson

A bit of a tidy up

Now the wires are all tidy like

Image Image

I've still got to sort it all out inside the car


Little pic of the front, though i really doubt my camera phone is 5 mega pixels


Wrestling with the Exhaust

I spent today wrestling with an ashley exhaust system and what a poor fit it is. I need to spend a bit of time pulling it up again. but it got dark outside and i got pissed off.

Image Image Image Image

Small jobs completed

I managed to do a little bit on it yesterday, finished off the wiring to the battery

12v battery wiring

I relocated the windscreen juice bottle and installed the heater again.

Mk1 Fiesta windscreen washer bottle relocation

A couple of other pics

Image hole saw lightened Fiesta door

Dashboard Centre Panel

A little update, I've finished the dashboard center panel. I decided to invest £9 in the auto meter angled spacers, these point the gauges up towards the driver.

stainless dash panel autometer angled gauge spacers modified ford fiesta dashboard ford racing gauges in Mk1 Fiesta dashboard

My girlfriend also got me some ram pipes, though I need to make tubes to hold the ventures in, because these are flat on the back. They also look like they have been painted instead of anodised so I'm tempted to strip them and polish 'em up.

Fiesta ram pipes anodised ford fiesta ram pipes

Fake anodised ram pipes

I've just stripped the rampipes.......anodised my arse!!!

Image fake anodising

Gearbox cleanup

Today I've been cleaning up the late XR2 gearbox which I plan to swap along with a decent clutch.


late xr2 gearbox


fiesta xr2 gearbox

Gearbox painting

I painted the box today. looks miles better now.



Image Image

I've also ground down the bolt lugs, hopefully this will give better clearance under my cut chassis rail.

BC gearbox painted silver

I offered up the new ram pipes and boy do they look so much better than the peewee chrome ones before.

silver ram pipes

Ram Pipes

Out with the old and in with the new, I spent today fitting the other gearbox. this one doesnt appear to leak.

fiesta gearbox fitting

Also rebuilt my calipers.

rebuilt fiesta calipers

And I've fitted the ram pipes

ram pipes zetec engine with ram pipes supercharged MkI fiesta

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