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Jamie Rigby

Author: Jamie Rigby | Photographer: Jamie Rigby

Ford Fair 2010

Well I made it to Ford Fair and back (320miles?) burning 2.5litres of oil and using 55quid worth of fuel, im happy. I didnt have to even tighten any of the jubilee clips once over the weekend (although I will have to in a bit as one slipped down just round the corner from mine which made for some awesome popping). The 0-60 went err... not bad I suppose, managed 7.68 with missing 2nd and 3rd so should well be in the 6s really if it wasnt for the shit gearbox (cant wait to swap it with andys FRST one, once i source a new enigne)... a Mk1 Fiesta with a 170bhp 1800 managed 5.36 with 888s so shows what these cars can do with zetecs in them.

Here's a few pics from on the way down and on the 0-60 strip:

564 mile road trip

Just got back from a 564 mile round trip to collect a 2.0l silvertop after leaving at 6.30, turned it over with a spanner and feels perfect, just hope it turns out to be (and runs) sweet.

More progress

Progress yesterday

  1. Drained the Oil and Coolant and disconnected all the coolant hoses
  2. Disconnected the gear linkage
  3. Disconnected the track rod ends and pinch bolts
  4. Removed axhaust manifold and system
  5. Removed alternator
  6. Removed the starter
  7. Remived the carbs and inlet manifold
  8. Removed the Piper cams out the 1800
  9. then swapped over from the 1800 to the 2.0l -
  10. Dipstick
  11. Crankcase breather plate
  12. Spark plugs
  13. HT leads
  14. Coil pack
  15. Thermostat housing
  16. Rocker cover

Progress today, thanks to a mate for coming round and helping, we got the front lower arm/ARB off, cradle off, drained the gearbox oil then pulled the driveshafts out and lowered the engine down to how it sits for now till tomorrow as I haven't got any room for it in the garage at the moment.

Some help from Andy

Andy came round around 10ish this morning, so we started out by dragging the 1800 out from under the car then , Swapped the waterpump over, all the tensioners and Cam belt, re-timed the cams up too, put the lightened flywheel and helix clutch on, then fitted my new box, no lsd but it goes into all the gears so win for me, andy put FRST gears into a Fiesta mk3.5 Si box as they're a stronger box than a FRST one (bearings/casing etc) so we're here at this stage, few pics from along the way:

Then lifted the engine up into the bay, who needs an engine crane when you have two huge jacks!

Nearly there:

Then we fitted everything back together, whilst it started pissing down, bye bye 1800 and a Knackard S1 RST box:

Then started it up, and listen to how sweet this sounds, its the alternator whining by the way:

Not drove it yet but it goes into all the gears this time


There were a few rattles last night so I've just gone over all the bolts and 3 of the 5 cradle mount bolts worked themselves loose, so sorted them and also checked the oil and its still on max after 45 miles driving last night, the gearbox feels awesome too, very short ratio.

Mapping will be done in about 3 hours, abit nervous after the chimney last time haha, hopefully all will be well, think its running quite rich as its drinking fuel ridiculously and popping on overrun etc, hope for the best, with this spec i believe the general figure is 150bhp at the wheel, so I'll be a little disappointed to not see 160bhp at the flywheel, looking forward to seeing the torque too.

Update: To say im happy is an understatement, an 80quid 2.0 Zetec E engine with the 1800 conversion parts and just breathing mods = alot of fun in a mk2 Fiesta. Got there at Mikeanics hoping for around 160bhp and 135lbs ft, it made 172bhp @ 6700rpm & 145lbs/ft @ 5700rpm.

Here's some random pics whilst i was waiting:

Video from the mapping:

And the final run:

Power graphs:

A split coolant hose

All been going/running well so far until last night, I went onto a motorway enthusiastically ...then followed a huge cloud of steam, I thought great the head gaskets gone, thank god it hasn't, one of the coolant hoses has split that goes to the heater matrix which is a big relief, so relieved its not the head gasket, I will sort it when it stops raining.

August 24th 2010

I went to the scrapyard this morning, got a new hose, then went to motorfactors to get a new thermostat which opens at 88degrees, all sorted now.

Very bored at the moment so thought i'd do an up to date spec list:-


  1. 2.0l Zetec S2 Silvertop
  2. 1.8l Waterpump, Sump & Oil pick up pipe
  3. Omex 200 ECU
  4. Kawaskaki zx7r 40mm Bike Carbs
  5. Ashley 4-2-1 manifold
  6. Ashley 2" Single box System with 2 1/4" (standard) tip
  7. NGK Platinum Spark Plugs
  8. Yamaha R1 fuel pump
  9. Filter king fuel pressure regulator/filter
  10. XR2i Starter motor
  11. Lightened & balanced 1.8l Flywheel
  12. Mk3 Zetec Radiator
  13. 10" Cooling fan
  14. Modified Zetec and CVH coolant hoses
  15. Power - 172bhp & 145lbs ft

Running gear:

  1. Fiesta Si Gearbox with FRST ratios and final drive
  2. Helix Organic FRST clutch
  3. Toyo Proxes CF1 tyres, R888s for track both sets on Pepperpots
  4. Strandard XR2 Calipers and drums on the Rear
  5. Brembo HC brake discs
  6. Ferrodo DS2500 Pads
  7. Gaz Gold Coilovers
  8. Fully Polybushed


  1. Fully Stripped apart from the heaters and dash
  2. Sparco Circuit Buckets
  3. TRS 4-point 3" Harnesses
  4. Welded in Harness bar/Rear strut brace
  5. OMP corsica steering wheel
  6. 8 ball gear knob
  7. Oil temp. and pressure gauges


  1. Pretty much standard
  2. De-wipered bootlid and taken off the front spot lamps

A new fan

The new 10" cooling fan arrived earlier so just fitted and made sure it pulls and not pushes.

Pretty much ready for next wednesday now (Trackday at Oulton Park).

Trackday tomorrow

Just filled up the tank and a jerry can ready for tomorrow, 60quids worth of tesco 99oct, on the way the car ticked over 107,000 miles. Just swapped the wheels for the R888s saves messing about when we all get there in the morning but I'm still going to take two of the road wheels/tyres just incase. Going to give it a quick wash in a bit as the weathers looking very promising for tomorrow.

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