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MK2 XR2 Zetec Track Car Project Diary

Jamie Rigby

Author: Jamie Rigby | Photographer: Jamie Rigby

Fiesta in the Park

I had a great weekend at FITP, car ticked over 110,000 miles on the way back, after covering 330 miles over the weekend using 60 quids worth of fuel, it didn't miss a beat. Here's a couple of pics of the car on the ZSOC stand:

Image Image Image Image Image

I got some 5mm wheel spacers too, which im going to put on the front later today to widen the track a tad more

Image Image

I just picked up the cams:


New seats

I picked up these earlier:

Image Image

Got them for a decent price and in good nick too, I've given them a hoover and wash since these pics, will be fitting these after Mallory Park Trackday next Saturday, I'm going to paint the cage satin black too whilst the seats will be out, got the paint earlier:


I went to drive the car earlier this week after previously driving it the battery light was lit on the dash, so that explained why when I came to start my car, the battery was 95% flat, engine creaked 3-4 times but wouldnt come to life. Off I went to the scrappies and got a pair of battery connections off a mk4 fiesta and fitted a new battery I got off a mate which is only 2 months old:


Started the car, it kicked into life straight away, looked at the dash and the battery light's still on, sigh, so I need a new alternator within the next 6 days now.

My Sparco Circuit bucket seats are now for sale along with the Kent cams and the Fibreglass bonnet

New alternator fitted


I've only taken it round the block, the battery light is off and the car runs perfectly again now, will see how the alternator performs over the next few days.

I'm setting off to Mallory Park tomorrow night, the car's all ready to go, just need to brim the car and 2 jerry cans full and away we go, there's about 10 of us going (6 cars on track) should be awesome!

New Recaros, look like ERST ones to me, they will be getting cleaned and fitted next week:


Disappointing Trackday

Trackday went, disapointing to be honest, I removed the thermostat but it didnt make a difference to the Oil temp like I was expecting, removed the front bumper for extra cooling, but again, didnt make a difference.

On the plus side the car handled really well, brakes are a BIG improvement with the Brace bar now fitted since Oulton Park. I got more laps/track time around Oulton park than I did yesturday at Mallory as around 90% of Mallory is spent at Full chat so the engines under load alot more than Oulton. The engine breathed out 2-3liters through the day which i take it was from hammering around Gerrards corner (longest corner in the UK?), the entering speed is around 80 and exit of around 100, the last 3rd of the corner was full throttle as the car held really well. I did 97 track miles (50% of them at 40mph cooling the engine down), the temp went upto 130degrees at one point but held good oil pressure so the Oil pump must be alright surely?

I did the 120mile drive home listening to my ipod, when I pulled onto my drive i heard a horrible noise so got out removed the Bonnet and there's a horrible noise coming from the waterpump area

Fibreglass bonnet sold

Fibreglass bonnet sold and was collected earlier, just rested the standard one on in place for now (looks miles better!)...


...until I change the waterpump then i bolt it back on and most probs refit the fog lamps too.

REALLY undecided wether to paint the cage black or leave it yellow, suggestions?

Seat swap

I'll be painting the cage this weekend then i think... someone was meant to be coming to look at my buckets tonight so soon as i got home i swapped the seats over and gave them both a quick hooverd and a wipe down with a damop hot rag, the recaros have come up pretty nice, specially for 60quid lol

Image Image

car looks empty without the masive buckets in lol

The waterpump arrived today 2 days early so i'll be changing that tomorrow with abit of luck.

Waterpump swap

firstly marked the cams to retain the timing :


everything stripped down :


old waterpump removed :


F*** you lower cam belt cover that wraps around the crank pulley

Image new pump, both belts fitted: zetec engine with new cambelt

That video of the rattling/knocking noise wasnt the waterpump... its the alternator, knocking its ead off now oh and the waterpump hasn't made a difference to the temperatures

Rollcage paint

painted the cage yesterday and also re-fitted my spot lamps

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Sleeper? also the high temps is really pissing me off now and the rattling noise from the alternator!

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