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MK2 XR2 Zetec Track Car Project Diary

Jamie Rigby

Author: Jamie Rigby | Photographer: Jamie Rigby

Holes drilled

Gave the car a wash yesterday:

Today I drilled some holes, it seems to run quite hot (the engine) so hope this helps (the plate will only be removed on track).

I'm picking up the gearbox tommorrow, escort S1 RST for

LSD Gearbox

Picked up the S1 RST box earlier as well as Bolts, sandwich plate for front mounted Starter Motor and one of the cradle mounts

Also ive paid a deposit for an Inlet manifold for my carbs to suit the zetec, the manufacturer said that it will be with me in 3-4 weeks.

Stripping the engine down

I stripped this lot off the engine earlier:

Manifold & downpipe, Inlet manifold and fuel rail, 1800 clutch, AC & PAS pumps and pulleys etc, Sandwich plate for rear mounted starter motor, breather hoses, also took the old oil filter off and removed the HT leads the re-fitted them using WD40 on the plugs, so the engines looking like this now:

I purchased a brand new ERST/FRST Helix Organic clutch earlier too as i had one of these in my ZS and I've heard they are unbeatable, so should last me if I plan to do the 2.0 or 2.1 ZT conversion after the 1800 so I know I wont have to buy another clutch. I'm on the lookout for an XR2i flywheel at the moment, or an aftermarket Billet lightened & balanced one maybe. Also just sent an e-mail to a supplier for silicone hoses as i'm going to get the Carb hoses in red (43mm) and paint the Rocker cover red and all the rest (Coolant, oil catch tank, oil cooler) in black.

Engine bits and pieces

Picked up a new cambelt kit, exhaust manifold gasket and a cvh filter from ford for the 1800 on friday! The clutch should be here early next week as should both Haynes manuals i've won on ebay, along with 2 metres of 13mm black silicone hoseing for the breather pipes! I'm getting 4 50mm piece of red silicone hosing for the carbs with the inlet manifold.

I put the other set of Pepperpots on with the R888s on to bed them in yesturday, they are AWESOME shame they have to come back off as i cba paying

Engine updates

Updates on the engine as I did a little bit more earlier, I've got a new exhaust manifold gasket awaiting to be squeezed with an Ashely manifold:

New CVH oil filter on:

Also, I went to a scrappies yesterday to get a thermostat housing as the engine was missing it when I bought it, picked one up for a fiver with the rubber gasket, Sensors and the bolts, so fitted that too.

Then I took the rocker cover off, and looks like new inside/underneath it.

Pulleys and cambelt off:

How clean is that! The cams are now packed away to be taken to Jon at Shawspeed tommorow.

Rocker cover before:

After cleaning it, I primered it:

I'm gonna get some red paint tommorrow, still Waiting on quite a few parts to arrive in the post, more updates soon!

Planned engine spec

Dropped the Cams off at Jon at Shawspeed, as soon as he gets them back hes gonna come round and fit/time them up for me, then I can put the engine all back together then ready to go in. The FRST/ERST Helix Organic clutch arrived today:

As did the 2m of 13mm silicone hosing for the breather pipes:

As did both haynes manuals (Mk2 Fiesta and Escort one for engine), Also ordered some NGK Platinum Spark plugs on tuesday, were here when I got home from work:

Swapped the Cam belt tensioners over, re-fitted the crank pulley and Re-primered the rocker cover after me not using etch primer the first time!

June 8th 2010

Cam belt pullys/tensioners repalced and torqued up to the correct setting as the Crank pulley and placed the new cam belt in place ready for when re-fitting the cams and also re-fitted the bottom part of the cam belt covers.

Then I wire brushed the old primer off and etch primered it in 2 coats of Hi-temp red, then lacquered

It looks really bright in the pics because of the flash but it's the perfect shade of red I was after! The block and sump are now painted in some Grey hammered Hammerite.

Also Picking up a xr2i (6pk913) Auxilary belt and a new rocker cover gasket tomorrow.I've just been totting up all the stuff i've got so far, all ive got to get is a Ashley manifold, Magnecor HT leads (from Ford Fair), Mk3 fiesta Zetec Radiator and once the engines in, for Jon to come with the Omex 200 and wire it in for me. Once the exhaust is linked up then hopefully itll start.

Spec will be:

  1. 1800 Zetec s2
  2. Kawasaki zx7r keihin carbs
  3. Piper 285 cams
  4. Ashley 4-branch manifold
  5. Ashley 2" single box system
  6. Omex 200
  7. NGK platinum plugs
  8. Magnecor leads
  9. Mk3 Zetec Radiator
  10. Shawspeed lightened and Balanced flywheel
  11. ERST Helix organic Clutch
  12. S1 RST box

Progress continues

Dropped the Flywheel off at Shawspeed on thursday for Jon to send it away to get lightened and balanced as they weigh 8kgs as standard, and Jon has ordered me a Filter king fuel pressure regulator/filter instead of my seperate ones i have atm. I picked up a new Cam belt cover from the scrapyard as the one i got with the engine was split, the main reason i went the scrapyard was to find a new hose to replace the one that split on friday night whilst out driving enthusiastically.

Old with 22mm copper for pipe joiner vs new one off a mk5 escort:

It's the hose that comes off the bottom of the thermostat housing incase your wondering, also ordered a new catch tank off ebay for when i put the zetec in, it arrived today:

A mate is sorting me out with a Brand new Ford Mk3 Zetec radiator, that should be here early next week along with the new inlet manifold which is just being finishing off. By next friday I should have the cams fitted and timed up along with fitting the rocker cover with the new gasket, new flywheel and clutch on, new inlet manifold and the radiator. I've decided im gonna do the engine swap straight after Ford fair, was planning on doing it after Cadwell on the 7th in that 3 week gap before FF but dont wanna have to rush too much tbh, I like to get things done but don't wanna end up having to get it jetted the friday before ford fair. So the plan before Cadwell in 3 weeks is to have the gauges wired up, the discs and pads fitted and new road tyres.

Gauges mounted

I got the new fuel pressure regulator (and filter combined) last night.

I thought I'd make most of the afternoon today as I finished work at 2, so decided I would make the new ally plate for the gauges which i had in my ZS (Oil pressure and temp.), cut to size, holes drilled with 51mm holesaw, sanded and primered:

Painted Satin black and fitted:

It looks right at home imo, they're all wired up together, they just need wiring to an earthing point, 12v ignition, illumination etc. I will do that sometime soon hopefully.

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